Tax Assessors

The Peach County Board of Assessors is a five-member board appointed for three-year terms by the Peach County Commissioners. The Tax Assessors’ Office appraises all tangible real and personal property, at fair market value, by utilizing uniform methods and procedures. The appraisers are responsible for investigating and inquiring about the ownership of all property within the county for the purpose of determining, the proper return of property which is subject to taxation. Property is reviewed annually to meet state mandated digest requirements.

The current Board members are:

  • Wayne Lettice, Chairman
  • Milton Pittman, Vice Chairman
  • Randy Gordon
  • Charles Thomas Jones
  • Nancy Peavy Terry

The Assessors’ Office appraisers are:

The Board of Assessors and its appraisers are also required to keep up with technology, changing tax codes, methods, procedures and local property values. The intent is to produce an acceptable property tax digest. Consequently, Peach County is subject to penalties if the Georgia Department of Revenue finds the tax digest to be deficient.

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PUBLIC NOTICE: You are hereby notified (and should communicate this notification to any other occupants of your property) that pursuant to O.C.GA 48-5-264.1[a], representatives of the Peach County Board of Tax Assessors, with proper ID, may enter upon your property during normal business hours, for the purposes of collecting accurate data or any verification thereof due to any permits issued, return of value filing, revaluations (partial or whole), parcel sales, and appeal reviews. Please contact our office for clarification concerning this PUBLIC NOTICE.


To amend Article 4 of Chapter 18 of Title 50 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating inspection of public records, so as to require local governments to remove upon request certain personally identifiable information of law enforcement officers from certain property records; to provide for definitions; to require local governments to provide a Non-Disclosure form (click here) for such requests; to provide for injunctive relief; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.