Planning and Zoning Department

The Peach County Planning and Zoning Department serves as a resource on zoning, subdivision of property, development regulation and issues, population and socio-economic data, and similar material relating to the growth and development of Peach County.

The challenge for this department is to manage growth and change in both the short and the long term with regard to land use, transportation, historic preservation and overall development to create a positive environment that is productive and beneficial to all residents of Peach County.

Seven board members are appointed for staggered one- and two-year terms by the county commissioners.

To achieve their mission, the commissioners use the comprehensive plan, the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, flood protection ordinance, street numbering ordinance, historic preservation ordinance, sign ordinance, the transportation improvement plan (TIP) and the Peach County Geographical Information System (GIS).

Commission responsibilities include:

  • Comprehensive planning
  • Community development programs
  • Neighborhood and area plans
  • Intergovernmental coordination and policy analysis
  • Zoning and Variance Case administration
  • Interpretation, enforcement and amendments of zoning ordinances and sign control ordinances (overlay districts?)
  • Assignment of new street addresses
  • Permitting of signage
  • Review and approval of land subdivision plats

Community planning is a coordinated, continuous and comprehensive process. Careful planning promotes the vision of the county and provides an environment for orderly growth and development, creating opportunity for business and commercial activity and protection of natural, historical and cultural resources.